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About the Conference

“International Conference of Society 5.0” is organized by the Education for Innovation Foundation, with the aim of promoting the scientific research.

“International Conference of Society 5.0” is an online conference where scholars present and discuss their research results on multidisciplinary topics in English and Turkish.

The conference aims to bring together academics from different fields of science, under the title of Society 5.0, to discuss developments in different fields from a multidisciplinary perspective, in line with the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” adopted by the United Nations in order to solve global problems and create sustainable societies. Information about the areas where Society 5.0 will benefit and what kind of innovations it will bring has also been gathered under 9 headings by Keidanren. These topics are cities and regions, energy, disaster prevention, health, agriculture and nutrients, logistics, products and services, finance and utilities. It will be a great contribution to science if scientific communities around the world share their knowledge to keep up with these developments in order to improve their agility and ability to face future challenges.

We will be honoured by your participation in this conference, which will contribute to scientific discussion and development.

Conference Organizing Committee