Aim and Scope

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Aim and Scope

International Conference of Society 5.0 is organized by the Education for Innovation Foundation, with the aim of promoting the scientific research.

“International Conference of Society 5.0” is an online conference where scholars present and discuss their research results on multidisciplinary topics in English and Turkish.

Within the scope of the philosophy of society 5.0, the conference will discuss the latest developments in developing solutions against the aging world population, making the virtual world and the real world work together, making use of the internet of things by considering the interests of the society, and producing solutions for environmental pollution, climate change and natural disasters. It aims to bring together academics from different fields to discuss from one point of view.

Society 5.0 makes cooperation between humans and intelligent systems inevitable. With Industry 5.0, industrial technologies and automation will merge with human cognitive ability. With the introduction of innovative and human-based solutions, a transformation from a technology-oriented world order to a human-centered order will be possible. From this point of view, the aim of this conference is to share all kinds of scientific research that will contribute to understanding the concept of society 5.0 and improve its perspective.